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My Myanmar customer consulte our high-voltage cable

Recently, my Myanmar customer consulted our high-voltage cable. Before the customer bought the exposure hand switch of the X-ray machine in our company, when he saw the high-voltage cable on our website, he asked if our products matched his machine. I inform the customer that the high-voltage cables produced by our company are mainly used on X-ray machines, and their function is to connect the bulb and the high-voltage generator. I asked the customer how many kilovolts it needs. The customer said that his X-ray tube was 125kv and the length was about 6 meters. I told the customer to use 75KV high-voltage cable. 75KV high-voltage cable is mainly suitable for 125KV X-ray Ball tube. I sent the product catalog to the customer through whatsapp. The customer said that they still need to confirm it. If they are sure, they will contact me as soon as possible.
Our company’s high-voltage cables are available in 75KV and 90KV models. The length can be customized according to the specific requirements of customers. If you have any requirements, please contact me!
high-voltage cable
If you want to get a sample of high voltage cable, please contact us.

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