Newheek 75kvdc cable for X-ray machine - Newheek X ray Cable

Newheek 75kvdc cable for X-ray machine

Newheek 75kvdc cable for X-ray and cable socket design and manufacturing experts.Our high voltage cables are classified as industrial and medical.And we make cables that are suitable for all medical devices.
The control cable is introduced
75kvdc cable for X-ray is an important part of the X-ray machine, and our high voltage cable is also equipped with a high voltage cable socket, so that the cable connected to the X-ray generator and X-ray tube or other equipment.
With the improvement of medical equipment automation, medical equipment electronic device has higher requirement about the quality of the input and output signals, and small medical equipment volume to more precision, more than functional units operating space and the complication, as an or lack of transfer and connection medium cable, high performance, high diffusion, is increasingly demanding high elasticity.

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