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Newheek High-voltage Cable Model

High-voltage cable is the cable connecting the bulb and the high-voltage generator. If customers want to buy high-voltage cables, what questions do we need to ask?
At present, there are two types of high-voltage cables, one is 75KV and the other is 90KV
75KV means that the high-voltage value at one end of the cable is 75KV, a high-voltage cable is divided into two ends, that is to say the value of the entire high-voltage cable is 75KV*2=150KV, the same reason 90KV refers to the high-voltage value of one end of the cable is 90KV, the whole The value of the root cable is 180KV.
The 75KV high-voltage cable is suitable for 125KV X-ray machines, where 125KV refers to the high-pressure resistance of the bulb. The same 90KV high-voltage cable is suitable for 150KV X-ray machine.
Newheek High-voltage Cable Model
At present, the company has high-voltage cables with straight and elbow plugs.
There is no difference between the two ends of the high-voltage cable, they are universal, so when asking customers to buy a high-voltage cable, first ask the customer how many KV high voltage the customer wants, what is the length? How many? Is it straight or elbow? With these data, we can recommend the appropriate high-voltage cable according to customer needs.

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