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Newheek X-ray high-voltage cable can replace the leaking X-ray high-voltage cable

Recently, an old customer in Jinan asked if there is an 8-meter X-ray high-voltage cable used on the DR X-ray machine? What is the price? They need two 90KV 8 meters, plus a total length of 8 meters, the price is *yuan. The customer first reported to the company. The next day they asked about the purchase of the X-ray high-voltage cable, saying that the customer did not want it, and the hospital said that the tube was leaking. It’s oily. It’s necessary to repair the tube. Tell the customer that most of the tube connections are leaking oil, it’s the oil leaking from the X-ray high-voltage cable, not the oil from the tube. Enough. There have been many such things in the equipment of Beijing Wandong before. The guest said that the X-ray high-voltage cable still contains oil? DR has little contact. CT is usually tube oil leakage. This time it is Anjian DR. The engineer said that it was probably the X-ray high-voltage cable. The customer did not go to the scene. The hospital said that the tube was leaking oil. It is recommended to replace me Check the company’s X-ray high-voltage cable. Our X-ray high-voltage cable is different from other manufacturers’ processes and will not leak oil. The customer said that it will spare 2 cables. If you want 2 90KV 8m cables, you will get the contract. Customer. At present, the customer has paid and is ready to ship.
Seeing here, have you learned about the X-ray high-voltage cable oil leakage repair solution? In addition, our company specializes in the production of various vertical and mobile chest film racks, various types of X-ray machine parts, if you have similar The project, welcome to call to discuss.

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