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Newheek’s X-ray high voltage cables meet international standards

A few days ago, One-person Clinic consulted our company’s 50KV 6-meter X-ray high-voltage cable and informed that the existing X-ray high-voltage cable standards are 75 and 90KV. The customer contacted me and said that they used the X-ray high-voltage cable on the D17-20-10/125 tube of 1985. The customer took a picture of the cable and measured the diameter and length of the cable head and sent it to me, and The size of our X-ray cable is basically the same.
It is currently a common international standard for medical equipment and can replace what customers say To replace the 50KV 6-meter X-ray high-voltage cable, the 75KV 6-meter quotation including freight is *yuan per piece. The customer said he needs to confirm it again.
The final customer order: order 75KV 6m X-ray high voltage cable.
I hope my sharing is helpful to everyone. Our company specializes in the production of various vertical and mobile chest film racks, image intensified TV systems and various types of X-ray machine parts. Please call us!

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