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Ningbo customer inquires about high voltage cable

Ningbo customers inquired about the high-voltage cables of Shandong Huarui Imaging Equipment Co., Ltd., which are used for X-ray equipment in hospitals, and sent pictures of their existing high-voltage cables. After confirmation, they are the same as the high-voltage cable plugs produced by our company. Ask the customer how many meters they need Yes, we have 90KV and 75KV tubes, which are suitable for 125KV and 150KV tubes respectively. The cable length can be customized. Ask the customer which one they need. The customer said that they need to cooperate with our company. They use our injection molding machine and cable materials. It is produced according to the model provided by them. Their material is ethylene-propylene rubber, and ours is tin-plated copper. They say that our material can be filled. The plug needs to be specially customized. At present, 100 pieces are needed. Check it first and inform the customer that you can buy it first. We do an experiment, and we will discuss it in detail if appropriate. The customer thinks that the plug is different, and it is not customized according to their current requirements. Have the opportunity to visit our company.

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