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Our Newheek high-voltage cable

In large and medium-sized X-ray machines, the high-voltage cable connects the high-voltage generator and the X-ray tube head. The function is to send the high voltage output by the high-voltage generator to the poles of the X-ray tube, and send the heating voltage of the filament to the filament of the X-ray tube. The structure of the high-voltage cable: according to the arrangement of the core line, there are coaxial (concentric circle) and non-coaxial (non-concentric circle).
Features of high-voltage cables:
1. For medical applications, such as X-ray machines, DR, CT, etc.
2. Used to connect X-ray tube and high voltage generator.
3. It can be customized to suit different applications.
4. Two connection methods of straight elbow are available.
5. The cable length can be customized.
6. Cable accessories can be ordered separately.
Precautions for high-voltage cables: To prevent excessive bending, the bending radius should not be less than 5-8 times the diameter of the cable to avoid cracks. To reduce the insulation, keep the cables dry and clean at ordinary times to avoid the corrosion of oil, moisture and harmful gases to avoid rubber aging.

Construction of hv cable for x ray tube

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