Our x-ray tube high voltage cable is improving. - Newheek X ray Cable

Our x-ray tube high voltage cable is improving.

Newheek X-Ray specialise in the design and manufacture of High Voltage Medical X-Ray cable assemblies and Receptacles to fit all makes and designs of medical equipment.
75kVdc conforms to the International Standard. X-ray cables are available with a combination of termination and cable length options:
3 pin or 4 pin interconnects
Straight or right angle connectors
Removable connector flanges and contacts
Newheek X-Ray cable has been selected for its flexibility, low noise and excellent high voltage characteristics giving it a large operating voltage safety margin.
Cable Accessories
A range of cable accessories including mounting flanges, insulation paste, contact pins and receptacle blanking plugs are available.
Chassis mounted generator and x-ray tube receptacles are available to connect your equipment to the X-ray cables.
Other cable types available are Industrial X-ray, Analytical & Scientific, High Energy and Pulsed Power, Receptacles and Custom Design. Newheek X-Ray would be pleased to discuss your HV cable interconnect requirements. Contact us.

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