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Pakistan customer inquires about high-voltage cables

Pakistani customers saw that we provide high-voltage cables on the website, and left a message to our mailbox saying that they now need GES high-voltage cables, and left a specific product model.
Through customer background investigation, we found that the customer’s main products are laboratory instrumentation equipment, such as gas analyzers, which are mainly small equipment with low voltage. We preliminarily judged that the 75kV and 90kV high-voltage cables we produced are not suitable for customer needs. Then we find the product parameters and confirm with the customer according to the product model left by the customer, and finally determine that the product the customer needs is different from ours. The customer also asked if high-voltage cables can be customized for them. We replied that it can be customized, but the cost of mold opening will be very high. If the customer has a large annual demand, it can be considered. If the demand is small, it is not very cost-effective. The customer said to think again.
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