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Precautions for using high voltage cables

What should be paid attention to during the use of high-voltage cables? Let us come to find out together today.
1. Choose the correct cable model and specification to avoid electrical accidents caused by using the wrong cable.
2. Check whether the cable is damaged or aging before use, and replace it in time.
3. Do not bend the cable or subject it to excessive tension, so as not to cause cable breakage or electrical failure.
4. Cables should be kept away from high temperature, chemical corrosion and other harmful environments, and be kept clean and dry.
5. It is strictly forbidden to hang anything above the cable to avoid damage to the cable due to excessive pressure.
6. When using cables, you must wear personal protective equipment such as insulating clothing, insulating gloves, and insulating shoes.
7. Regularly check the cables and connecting parts to ensure that they are firmly installed and in good contact.
8. The power must be cut off before wiring to avoid electric shock accidents caused by contact with conductors.
9. Do not disassemble the cable or replace the cable connector without authorization during use, and avoid using “passing cables”.
10. If any problems such as damage to the cable connector are found during use, the machine must be shut down and the maintenance personnel must be notified for professional maintenance.
11. After use, the power plug must be unplugged and the cable should be wrapped for safekeeping.
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