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Precautions in the application of high-voltage cables

The consideration factors for high-voltage cable selection are quite complicated, because there are so many types. As for the cable itself, high-voltage cables can be divided into aluminum-core cables or copper-core cables according to their materials. For those areas with complex environmental conditions and special requirements, choosing copper-core cables is better in terms of quality and safety. To be reliable; for our construction, the cable model selection should refer to the surrounding environment of the work, the corresponding laying methods, and the performance of power equipment.
Breakdown caused by cable squeezing caused by thermal expansion of the cable. When the load of the cross-linked cable is high, the temperature of the core rises and the cable expands due to heat. The cable is placed on the vertical surface of the support at the turning point in the tunnel. The long-term large-load operation of the cable has a large creep force, which causes the vertical surface of the support to crush the outer sheath of the cable. , The metal sheath is squeezed into the cable insulation layer to cause cable breakdown.
Summary: Generally, the problems that are likely to occur in the production process of high-voltage cables are insulation eccentricity, uneven insulation shield thickness, impurities in the insulation, protrusions on the inner and outer shields, uneven crosslinking, dampness of the cable, and poor sealing of the cable metal sheath. Some cases are more serious and may fail during the completion test or soon after commissioning. Most of them exist in the form of defects in the cable system, causing serious hidden dangers to the long-term safe operation of the cable.
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