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Selection of 75kvdc cable for x-ray

According to the use classification, X-ray machine is divided into industrial X-ray machine and medical X-ray machine. There are 75KV and 90KV x ray High Voltage Cable for X-ray machine, which can be used in industry and medical treatment.
On medical X-ray machine, 75kvdc cable for x-ray is used for 125KV ball tube. The maximum voltage that 75kvdc cable for x-ray can withstand is 75KV.
The length of high-voltage cable equipped with X-ray machine can also be customized, because the conditions and locations for placing X-ray machine are different, the length of high-voltage cable required by customers is not fixed, and the length of 75kvdc cable for x-ray can be selected between 2-16 meters.
Newheek is a professional high-voltage cable manufacturer with many years of production experience. For 75kvdc cable for x-ray, there are two kinds of high-voltage cable heads: elbow and straight.
75kvdc cable for x-ray

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