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Several causes of high voltage cable failure

Several causes of high voltage cable failure

(1) The quality of high-voltage cable itself is one of the causes of high-voltage cable failure. According to our analysis of the causes of cable failure, in order to save costs, some local units purchase low-cost high-voltage cables. When they are put into operation, some cables will cause different degrees of continuity breakdown over time. According to the investigation, although low-cost cables are the same copper core process, in addition to the use of back In addition to copper collection, some cable manufacturers add other metal elements, which have poor conductivity and thermal conductivity. Affected by comprehensive factors, it will lead to cable failure.

(2) During the installation process, the power cable is affected by the length during the installation process, and the resistance will increase. If the mechanical pulling force is used to implement rigid traction on the cable, it is easy to cause hidden insulation damage to the insulation layer of the cable, and this hidden danger will gradually become a complete failure point over time. Therefore, when installing the power cable, try to use the traction device to reduce the resistance, For example, pulley.

(3) The influence of temperature and humidity on normal power cables is very small when affected by temperature and humidity. However, when we deal with after-sales problems, we often find that some power users, in order to save trouble, directly lay the treated cables on the soil instead of dealing with the treated cable joints separately. In this case, if the joint quality is not handled well, with the long-term soil Due to the influence of humidity, weak partial discharge is easy to occur at the joint, which leads to cable grounding fault after long-term carbonization. Therefore, the cable joint after normal treatment must be properly handled, which can effectively reduce the probability of cable failure.

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