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Shanghai customer inquiry high voltage cable

Customers in Shanghai consulted about our high-voltage cables, asking what equipment they are used for, and how many kilovolts and meters are needed. The high-voltage cables produced by our company are 75KV and 90KV, which are respectively suitable for bulbs with a maximum tube voltage of 125KV and 150KV. , the length of the line can be customized, and can be used for fixed equipment, such as sickle arm, double column and CT, etc. The photo sent by the customer is used on a fixed old-fashioned X-ray machine, 75KV, 16m, and there is usually a high-voltage cable with a plug In case of oil leakage, inform customers that our high-voltage cables are processed by a special process, and there will be no oil leakage, so they can be used with confidence. The customer is in a hurry to use it and hopes to ship it as soon as possible. He is worried about quality and maintenance issues. He told the customer that we have a professional quality inspection department and strictly check before leaving the factory. The product has not had any quality problems so far, and even if it does, we have a one-year warranty period. , Customers finally trust our company.
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