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Special medical power cable

Medical power cable is one of the important parts of normal operation of X-ray machine. High voltage cable connected with high voltage generator and X-ray tube device, mainly used for transmission of X-ray tube Yin and Yang high voltage and filament heating voltage.
Medical power cable is divided into coaxial high voltage cable and non-coaxial high voltage cable, and its structure from inside to outside successively is conductive core wire, high voltage insulation layer, semiconductor layer, metal shielding layer and protective layer.
Special medical power cable
The cathode cable has three cores and two cores, which are used for bifocal and single-focus X-ray tubes, respectively.The two ends of the high voltage cable are provided with high voltage plugs, which are respectively connected with the high voltage generator and X-ray tube equipped with a high voltage socket.
There are three aspects of X-ray application in medicine, namely X-ray diagnosis, X-ray treatment and X-ray protection.X-ray machine high – voltage components by the ball tube, high – voltage generator and medical power cable.
Newheek medical power cable is divided into 75KV and 90KV, the length can be arbitrarily selected.

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