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The customer asked about of the high voltage cable to maintenance

the maintenance of high-voltage cables
Today, a customer in Shandong asked about the maintenance of high-voltage cables. This customer bought our company’s products last year, but didn’t know much about the follow-up product maintenance, so I changed to explain to the customer.

First of all, it is necessary to analyze the causes of the problems. The faults of high-voltage cables may be in the following aspects: the causes of the cable body, the problems that are easy to occur in the cable production process generally include eccentric insulation, uneven thickness of insulation shielding, impurities in the insulation, bulges in the internal and external shielding, uneven degree of cross-linking, cable damp, poor sealing of the cable metal sheath, etc. in some cases, they are relatively strict Most of them are in the form of defects in the cable system, which may cause serious hidden dangers to the long-term safe operation of the cable.
The cable grounding system includes cable grounding box, cable grounding protection box, that is, protector with sheath, cable cross interconnection box, sheath protector and other parts. Generally, the main reason for the problems is that the water in the box is not well sealed, which leads to multi-point grounding, resulting in excessive induced current in the metal sheath. In addition, unreasonable selection of parameters or poor quality of zinc oxide crystal can easily lead to damage of the sheath protector.

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