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The high voltage cable was damaged

High voltage cable is an important part of X-ray machine, according to different types of X-ray machine, respectively suitable for different KV and different lengths of high voltage cable.However, in the process of using high voltage cables, some faults often occur.
Therefore, Newheek summarized the common faults of these high voltage cables:
(1) long-term dampness or long-term exposure to ultraviolet radiation and other reasons make rubber aging, insulation strength decreases and cause breakdown.
(2) poor quality of high voltage cables, uneven thickness between rubber layer and core wire, careless cutting damage during assembly, rubber scald during welding, incomplete discharge caused by cleaning surface, poor welding between core wire and plug, etc
(3) the insulation strength of the filling agent is low, resulting in breakdown.
(4) often twist, hard break or pressure, so that the insulation layer crack damage and breakdown.
(5) no surge resistance or surge resistance damage, and self-rectifying X-ray machine high voltage cable is easy to breakdown.
(6) the rectifier tube leakage, leakage of short circuit and breakdown.
(7) corroded by gasoline and transformer oil, rubber expands, and the insulation degree decreases.
The high voltage cable was damaged
Aiming at these faults, our high voltage cable has been improved, which can largely avoid the occurrence of high voltage cable faults.
Newheek high voltage cable can meet your different procurement needs.

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