The high-voltage cables ordered by Myanmar customers have been shipped - Newheek X ray Cable

The high-voltage cables ordered by Myanmar customers have been shipped

Today, the cables for customers in Myanmar are shipped. What the customer wants is a 75KV, 20-meter high-voltage cable to replace the previous cable. As everyone knows, we at Newheek mainly produce X-ray machines and accessories. High voltage cables are one of our best sellers. Our high-voltage cables are exported to Europe, America, Africa, South America and other countries, and are well received by customers. So why are our cables so popular? What are the main features? Let’s take a look:
Our high-voltage cables are divided into 75kv and 90kv, which are used in medicine for 125kv and 150kv x-ray machine bulbs respectively. The conductor material is tinned copper, the nominal cross section is 1.8mm², the structure is 19/0.35mm, twisted to the left, the core is insulated, and the material is F46. Elastomer high-voltage insulation, gray pvc sheath, semi-conductive elastomer inner shield, 2-layer outer shield. The high-voltage insulation effect is better, safe and effective. There are two types of high-voltage cable connectors, elbow and straight: straight and elbow. Our high-voltage cables can partially replace Claymond’s high-voltage cables. The length is 3m, 6m, 8m, 10m, 12m, 14m, 20m, etc., customers can customize.

75KV high voltage cable material

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