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The relationship between high voltage cable and The Lantern Festival

Dear friends,Tomorrow is the traditional Lantern Festival in China. If you browse our products at this time tomorrow, you will have questions to ask customer service, but she can’t respond to your words in time. I’m sorry, she may go home for the holidays.
We guess what you might have. So Let’s make some answers ahead of time.

1. What kinds of products do we have in our company?
Newheek specializes in the production of medical high voltage cable. The current types of high voltage cable are:
Distinguish by length :2M HV cable , 3M HV cable , 4M HV cable , 5M HV cable , 6M HV cable , 8M HV cable ,10M HV cable , 12M HV cable, 14M HV cable , etc
Distinguish by Rated voltage : 75 KV DC HV cable , 90 KV DC HV cable , 100 KV DC HV cable , etc
Distinguish by connector:Straight connector HV cable , elbow connector HV cable

2.Is it possible to customize the length?
Certainly.If there is no size you need here, please contact us. We can customize it for you. You can leave a message to tell us, you can also send mail, of course, you can call.
The way of contact is here.
Tel:+86 536 8882360 ; Fax:+86 536 8882360

3.Is it possible to provide a sample?
Certainly. For each new user, we can provide a free sample for you to use for testing.

If you have any questions that have gone unaddressed above, please don’t hesitate to drop us a line in the comments. Or leave the messsage to our customer service staff.


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