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The role of two poles of high-voltage cable

The high-voltage generator and the X-ray tube device of the large and medium-sized X-ray machine are separate components. The two are connected together by two special cables (high-voltage cables).
The function of the high-voltage cable is to transmit the high voltage generated by the high-voltage generating device to the two poles of the X-ray tube, and at the same time to transmit the heating voltage of the filament to the cathode of the X-ray tube.
High-voltage plugs and sockets are connecting devices of high-voltage cables, X-ray tubes and high-voltage generators.
In order to facilitate loading and unloading and ensure high-voltage insulation, both ends of the high-voltage cable are equipped with high-voltage plugs, and the X-ray tube device and high-voltage generator are equipped with high-voltage sockets. When connecting, just insert the high-voltage plug into the corresponding high-voltage socket.

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