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The service life of X-ray machine high-voltage cables

High-voltage cables connect high-voltage generators and bulbs in large and medium-sized X-ray machines. The function is to send the high voltage output by the high voltage generator to the two poles of the bulb, and send the filament heating voltage to the filament of the bulb.
X-ray machine high-voltage cables are often twisted during use and are easily broken down and damaged, and repairs are also difficult to master. The reason why the high-voltage cable is damaged: long-term moisture or long-term exposure to ultraviolet radiation causes the rubber to age, and the dielectric strength is reduced, resulting in breakdown. The quality of high-voltage cables is poor, the thickness of the rubber layer and the core wire is uneven, the cutting is accidentally damaged during assembly, the rubber is scalded during welding, the surface is not cleaned thoroughly, causing discharge, and the core wire and plug are poorly welded. The perfused filler has low dielectric strength, causing breakdown. Frequent twisting, hard bending or heavy pressure will damage the cracks in the insulation layer and cause breakdown. Therefore, it is not possible to use a sharp knife to cut excess (thick) insulating rubber, so as not to cause knife injuries. Use a wooden file to file the rubber layer of the high-voltage cable in turn, and do not use a file that has been filed through the metal material to repair the cable, so as to prevent fine metal particles from invading the insulating rubber layer, causing high-voltage static electricity, and breaking down the high-voltage cable rubber and cable plug. For high-voltage cables that have been used for a long time, the root of the cable socket is bent due to aging and the quality of the cable. Therefore, the breakdown often occurs in those places where the force is bent, and a sleeve can be added to the upper end of the socket during maintenance. A steel bushing to reduce puncture damage caused by forced bending at the cable root.
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