The very best cable - Newheek X ray Cable - Newheek X ray Cable

The very best cable

The very best cable for high voltage work is NEWHEEK pure silicone insulated wire. It is also some of the most costly of wire types.

High voltages above 10kv and below 30kv can be handled by most neon sign wire which is stiff polyethylene insulated and can be had for under 20 cents/foot. Some special automotive racing wire sold in catalogs like J.C Whitney in the US is rated for up to 40kv and is pure silicone at about $2.00/foot.

True, professional HV wire up to 100kev in white silicone can run $30.00/foot. This is really good stuff! I have some I found in short lengths at a hamfest that is 14 gauge and is like a limp, wet noodle. I call it “noodle wire”. It is rated at 80kv. I paid about $10.00 for the lot of about 15 feet in short cutup 2 -3 foots lengths. But this stuff probably cost the original purchaser about $45.00/foot.

I also found NEWHEEK X-ray HV cable at one of my own High Energy Conferences here in Richmond. The guy was a vendor at my event and had a 6 foot length of 100kev X-ray cable which is heavy (1.25″ diameter). This is an all in one cable with ground shield and two internal 14 gauge wires (filaments and hot hv). I think I gave him about $20.00 for the length. Such a cable with ends on it usually costs about $500.00, but you can drive an 18 wheeler over it and your dog can chew on it safely while it is carrying the 100kev.

CRT, TV picture tube, anode wire is now found in up to 60kev at some electronic jobbers. It is almost always a hard and rather stiff HDPE wire, but is not too expensive.

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