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Transportation of 75kvdc high voltage cable

75kvdc high voltage cable design and production suitable for most of the industrial X-ray application equipment, the required high voltage cable components and high voltage cable connector.
Good bending resistance of conductor, high softness of conductor; Avoid transmission signal electromagnetic crosstalk, the cable itself electromagnetic interference shielding effect is good;It has multiple excellent properties, such as soft and wear-resistant, hydrolysis resistant, anti-bacterial, anti-adhesion and anti-ultraviolet, which improves the service life of cables in harsh environments.The elastic sheath of the cable provides excellent protection to the internal structure.
Transportation of 75kvdc high voltage cable
Tripod or crane shall be used for loading and unloading vehicles of high voltage cables.It is forbidden to push the cable directly from the car to the ground, so as to avoid the cable shaft being damaged and damaged.
Newheek 75kvdc high voltage cable is divided into 75KV and 90KV. We can recommend suitable high voltage cable for you according to the type of your optical device.
Our 75kvdc high voltage cable can meet your different procurement needs.

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