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U.S. riots are getting worse, epidemic prevention and control are getting worse

On June 1, protests and riots throughout the United States caused by the violent law enforcement of white police and the death of an African-American man showed no signs of relief. Continued protests and demonstrations have affected the prevention and control of the new crown epidemic in the United States. Many officials and experts worry that large-scale crowding will destroy previous anti-epidemic achievements and lead to a second outbreak.
American epidemiologist Richard Ellison said that the current scale of protests in the United States is very large, and the participants are very close. If a virus carrier is present, other people will be infected even if they are outdoors. risk. Speaking loudly, singing, and shouting slogans will release more droplets into the air, and tear gas and pepper spray will make people runny and cough, which are conducive to the spread of the virus.
The “New York Times” of the United States said that the most worrying experts are those with asymptomatic infections. They will participate in demonstrations and spread the virus because they feel good about themselves, which brings great risks. Ellison pointed out that if contacts get infected, it usually takes 5 to 14 days to show symptoms. Therefore, it will take some time to observe whether the protests will cause more cases of new crown infections.

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