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We sold a high voltage cable to a hospital

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I sold a high voltage cable to a hospital
Yesterday, I sold a high voltage cable. The customer is a hospital in Anhui, and his old cable is leaking, so he wants to find a new one that can be used for replacement. The customer’s machine is a DR X-ray machine, and the tube is 150KV. Based on this information, I recommend a 90KV, 8m high-voltage cable to the customer. Customers think we are more professional, and they ordered them soon. So, what types of high-voltage cables are there?
In fact, there are only two types of high-voltage cables, one is 75KV high-voltage cables, suitable for 125KV tube, and the other is 90KV high-voltage cables, suitable for 150KV tube. The length of the cable can be customized. Generally, the U-arm uses an 8-meter high-voltage cable, while the gastrointestinal machine usually uses a 12-meter high-voltage cable. Of course, some customers have special requirements, such as high-voltage cables of 1.6 meters and 2.5 meters, which can be customized. Our cable length is not fixed and can be selected according to your specific requirements.
If you need our conventional high-voltage cables or customized high-voltage cables, you can contact us. Our cables can be adapted to your different purchasing needs.

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