What are the advantages of elbow high voltage cable? - Newheek X ray Cable

What are the advantages of elbow high voltage cable?

At present, most of the high-voltage cables are on the market, and Newheek has developed an elbow high-voltage cable.
The structure of the high-voltage cable is coaxial (concentric) and non-coaxial (non-concentric) in the arrangement of the cores, but the two connectors are identical except for the appearance.

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At present, the x ray high voltage connector on the market are generally straight high-voltage cables, and are also suitable for the bulbs and high-voltage generators of most X-ray machines. The straight high-voltage cable is used for the tube, which may bend for a long time, affecting the outer skin of the high-voltage cable, and is easily broken or cracked, which may cause safety hazards. Therefore, in order to avoid this feature, we have developed elbow high-voltage cable, which is designed to provide space for bending high-voltage cables.

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