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What does it take to replace a high voltage cable

As we all know, the production of X-rays requires the cooperation of a high-voltage generator and a bulb. In this process, the role of the high-voltage cable is very important. Without the high-voltage cable, the current cannot be transmitted. However, no matter what item has a certain service life, it will naturally age and damage. High-voltage cables are no exception. They will be damaged after being used for a long time, which may cause voltage instability and affect the clarity of the film. Therefore, when the high-voltage cable is damaged, it should be replaced in time. So what should we pay attention to when replacing the high-voltage cable, let’s take a look.
First of all, we should know the model, specification and length of the high-voltage cable used, and also know how many kilovolts it is. In addition, it is also necessary to confirm whether the cable plug is straight or elbow. After clearing these problems, you can purchase cables of the same type and length. After the new cable arrives, do not rashly install it yourself, the installation work should be handed over to professionals. After debugging, the replacement of the cable is completed, and the X-ray machine can work normally.
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