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What is the high voltage cable consisting of several parts?

Outer sheath, metal sheath, inner sheath, metal shield, insulation (outer shield, insulation, inner shield – when the cross section is greater than 400, the inner shield and the inner shield are wrapped from the outside to the inside )conductor. Very awkward, all from the inside out.

The high-voltage single-core outer cable is not made of steel, and there are not many metal layers.

All conductors can be used as high-voltage wires, but through economic and technical comparison, we use LGJ steel-cored aluminum stranded wire as high-voltage wire. The steel-cored aluminum stranded wire is made of steel wire as the center to increase the strength of the wire. The outer strand of aluminum wire is wrapped around the steel wire by a twisting method to increase the outer cross-sectional area and increase the current carrying capacity.
The high voltage cable was damaged
The steel-cored aluminum stranded wire is generally fixed on the line pole by an insulator, and the insulation of the line pole mainly depends on the insulator. The insulator varies with the voltage level. The insulation between the wires is mainly insulated by air. With different voltage levels, the safety distance between the wires is also different to achieve a good insulation effect.

The conductive core is in the innermost layer for conveying the filament heating current and the X-ray tube anode current. The high voltage insulation layer is the main insulation layer of the high voltage cable. The semiconductor layer utilizes the conductive property of the semiconductor to eliminate the electrostatic field between the outer surface of the high voltage insulating layer and the metal shield layer, thereby uniformizing the charge distribution on the outer surface of the insulating layer, and causing the charge distributed on the outer surface of the insulating layer to flow into the metal mesh layer through the semiconductor. The aging and destruction of the high-voltage insulation layer caused by the unevenness of the electrostatic field is avoided, resulting in breakdown of the high-voltage cable. Metal Shield This layer is tightly wrapped around the outer semi-conductor layer. If the high-voltage cable breaks down or the induced current can flow into the ground through the metal mesh, it ensures the safety of the patient and the staff. The protective layer is located at the outermost layer of the high voltage cable to enhance the protection of the high voltage cable.

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