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What is the structure type of high voltage cable?

What is the core of high voltage cable? Is there only one high voltage cable?

  The core structure of the high voltage cable is a core wire. According to the arrangement of the core wires, the high-voltage cable is divided into two types: coaxial type and non-coaxial type. The conductive core wire is the core material. In the innermost layer of the high-voltage cable, each core wire is composed of a plurality of thin copper wires, and the outermost layer is protected by an insulation sheath.

  The high voltage cable joint is composed of insulating silicone grease. After the functional silicone is added by the modified silicone oil and the ultra-pure insulating filler, the insulating grease is processed by a special process for the high-voltage cable. It has excellent performances such as high pressure resistance, waterproof and anti-climbing.
  The material and structure of the high voltage cable require us to be meticulous in the process of making high voltage cable heads, keep it clean and dry, and the high voltage cable should also be protected from oxidation by long-term exposure to ultraviolet light.

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