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What material is the DR high voltage cable made of?

Many customers are curious about what material our DR high-voltage cables are made of? The innermost layer of our high-voltage cables. Each core wire is composed of multiple strands of thin copper wires, covered with insulating skin. Insulation requirements: withstand 50Hz, 1000V AC test for 5min without breakdown. The second core is specially used for single-focus X-ray tube, and the third core is specially used for bi-focus X-ray tube. Shandong Huarui Imaging Equipment Co., Ltd. medical 75kv high-voltage cables are currently mainly used in medical X-ray machines, DR and CT and other medical diagnostic equipment, used to link high-voltage generators and ray tubes, because the high-voltage cables are in a high-voltage state for a long time, resulting in Plug oil leakage, cable breakdown and other phenomena frequently occur, affecting the normal use of equipment.
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