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Whether the high voltage cable has a plug

The sea of ​​life, the world is endless. There are all kinds of people in the world, and they communicate with all kinds of people every day, especially in the sales business. The people they meet are all in different situations and have all kinds of problems. We have a lot of products, among them, high-voltage cables are very popular products. Therefore, customers often ask us whether the high-voltage cable has a plug.
The answer to this question is, yes, we bring the plug. General customers buy high-voltage cables from us, and we have plugs by default. Once this is done, customers can use it directly after receiving the goods. Second, the product itself has a plug, because both ends have a plug to carry out the withstand voltage test. If the customer wants to have no plug, he can only process it himself after receiving the goods. In addition, the plugs of high-voltage cables are divided into straight ends and elbows, and customers can choose according to their own needs.
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