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Why do the high-voltage cables of X-ray machines leak oil?

High-voltage cables of X-ray machines generally do not leak oil, because high-voltage cables are mainly composed of insulation layers and conductors, and there is no presence of liquid or oil. If your high-voltage cables are leaking oil, it may be due to the following reasons:
Oil leakage is actually oil from other parts leaking onto the cable. You can check other parts of the X-ray machine, especially the lubrication and cooling systems, to see if there are any oil leaks.
The insulation of high-voltage cables is damaged. If the insulation is damaged, liquid may seep inside the cable. This may cause electrical failure, so it is recommended to replace the cable promptly.
Poor sealing at the cable connection may cause external liquid to penetrate into the cable. Check that the connections are tight and make sure there is a good seal.
If you find oil leaking from a high-voltage cable, it is recommended that you contact the manufacturer of the X-ray machine or the technical support team for help, they will be able to provide specific solutions. Remember, before repairing or replacing cables, make sure to turn off power and follow proper operating procedures to ensure safety.
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