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X-ray cable for X-ray machines

X-ray cable for X-ray machines

The X-ray cable connects the high voltage generator and the X-ray medical tube head in large and medium X-ray machines.The function is to send the high pressure output by the high pressure generator to the electrode of the X-ray tube and the heating voltage of the filament to the filament of the X-ray medical tube.The combination of an ultra-high power X-ray generator and an excellent flat-panel detector makes digital x photography possible at any time, anywhere and anywhere.

X-ray cable structure: coaxial (concentric circular) and non-concentric circular (non-concentric circular) are arranged according to the core.

Precautions for using X-ray cables:

Prevent overbending.The bending radius should not be less than 5-8 times the diameter of the cable to avoid cracks and reduce the insulation strength.At ordinary times, the cable should be kept dry and clean to avoid oil, water and harmful gas erosion, thus avoiding rubber aging.

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