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X-ray high voltage cable head can be used as a no-load plug

(X-ray high voltage cable)

Recently, a Shanghai medical company ordered our X-ray high-voltage cable heads. They are mainly used as no-load plugs for X-ray equipment. They do not need X-ray high-voltage cables. They have also purchased our company’s 1m\0.8m before. And the 2m X-ray high-voltage cable. Speaking of here, what parts of the X-ray high-voltage cable are made of?

X-ray high-voltage cables are mainly composed of X-ray high-voltage cable heads and X-ray high-voltage cable wires. The X-ray high-voltage cable heads are also equipped with accessories such as pressure rings. Here we can sell the accessories separately. In addition, some customers also I will consult the X-ray high-voltage cable seat, which we can also customize and sell separately.

If you have any needs, just tell me and we will try to solve them.

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