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X-ray high-voltage cable Trump’s annual medical report released

Overseas Network June 4th US President Trump recently revealed that he had taken hydroxychloroquine to prevent new coronary pneumonia, which triggered speculation about his health. On June 3, local time, the White House of the United States released the annual medical report of US President Trump, and medical examiner Sean Conley wrote in the medical report: “There are no major problems or reports that need to be reported.”
According to CNN, the physical examination report showed that the 73-year-old Trump weighed 244 pounds (about 221 pounds), was 6 feet 3 inches (1.9 meters) tall, had a blood pressure of 121/79mmHG, and had a heartbeat 63 times per minute. White House Press Secretary Kelly McNerney said the results showed that Trump was “healthy.”
Trump’s cholesterol value was 223 and 196 in 2018 and 2019, respectively, which is beyond the normal range. The latest medical report mentioned that the current value of Trump’s cholesterol is controlled within a healthy range, with a total cholesterol value of 167 and a low-density lipoprotein alcohol value of 100.
The medical report showed that Trump had taken hydroxychloroquine for two weeks, saying that Trump took it after consulting with the nursing team and closely monitoring his electrocardiogram. The medical examination report showed that Trump had no side effects after taking the drug for one round, did not cause adverse effects on the heart due to the use of the drug, and the new coronary pneumonia virus test was negative.

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