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X-ray machine repair high-voltage cable head damage how to repair

The high-voltage part of the X-ray machine is prone to moisture and short-circuit. Usually, it is necessary to keep the room where the machine is located dry.
Compared with the cable line, the cable head is the weakest part, and the installation quality is also a major guarantee for the safe operation of the cable line, so we must pay enough attention.
The damage to the high-voltage cable head is usually caused by ignition. The high-voltage cable discharges to the casing, leaving traces of burnt insulation on the cable joint during discharge, resulting in the inability to continue to use. Generally, in addition to replacing the cable head, it is to replace the entire cable and the bulb. on the socket.
Attention should be paid to the high-voltage cable replacement process: before using the high-voltage cable of the x-ray machine, all the high-voltage cables of the x-ray machine need to be wiped clean with alcohol, and the plugs and sockets should be coated with high-voltage insulating silicone grease. The purpose of this is to prevent dirt. lead to discharge.
After cleaning, you can pull out the old high-voltage cable of the X-ray machine, and insert the new high-voltage cable of the X-ray machine in the same way.
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