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X-ray machine’s high voltage cable

The high voltage cable is one of the essential parts on the X-ray machine.

High voltage cable connects the high voltage generator and the x-ray tube head in large and medium-sized x-ray machines.

The function is to send the high voltage outputted by the high voltage generator to the two poles of the x-ray tube, and send the filament heating voltage to the filament of the x-ray tube. High voltage cable structure: There are two types of coaxial (concentric) and non-coaxial (non-concentric).

High voltage cable quality inspection

(1) Conductive core

The innermost layer of the high voltage cable. Each heart line consists of multiple strands of thin copper wire, which is wrapped with insulation. Insulation requirements: withstand 50Hz, 1000V AC test for 5min without breakdown. The two hearts are exclusively for single-focus x-ray tubes, and the three hearts are for dual-focus x-ray tubes. (Insulation between each heart line)

(2) High voltage insulation layer

Outside the heart line, it is the main insulation layer of high-voltage cable, made of rubber and chemical raw materials, and the thickness is between 4.5-13mm. It has good mechanical strength and toughness and can be bent within a certain range. The pressure resistance requirement is generally 50-200kV.

(3) Semiconductor layer

Adhered to the insulating layer, made of semiconductor material and rubber, grayish black, 1-1.5mm thick. The role is to eliminate the electrostatic field between the outer surface of the insulating layer and the metal shield.

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