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90kvdc cable for X-ray plug

The 90kvdc cable for X-ray is composed of cable body and protective sleeve. The 90kvdc cable for X-ray body includes: a wire, whose inner cylindrical conductor is used to transmit current. The wire is arranged in the 90kvdc cable for X-ray body. The ground wire is a cylindrical conductor used to protect the cable. The ground wire and the conductor are externally tangent and high voltage connector. The first insulation layer, whose insulation material is used to protect the conductor and ground wire, and the first insulation layer is coated with ground wire and lead; Central symmetry between conductor and conductor, central symmetry between ground wire and ground wire.The 90kvdc cable for X-ray is in the form of double cores. Two conductors and two ground wires form a specific layout mode to reduce the occupied space and enhance the compressive strength of the cable. At the same time, an additional strengthening layer is added to the cable protection sleeve to increase the tensile strength of the cable.
90kvdc cable for X ray
The utility model also provides a plug matching with a 90kvdc cable for X-ray, which is composed of a plug body, a clamp ring, a compression nut and a tail sleeve.
The dc 90kvdc cable for X-ray needs to be equipped with a special high-voltage cable plug to prevent the occurrence of danger.
Newheek 90kvdc cable for X-ray is divided into 75KV and 90KV, which are connected to different X-ray machines in different cases. Our 90kvdc cable for X-ray can also be customized to meet your different needs.

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