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Use of high tension cable 7mt

High tension cable 7mt is the part of X-ray machine connecting High Voltage Cable and spherical tube, is an important part of X-ray machine, Newheek’s high tension cable 7mt is used for X-ray machine cable, can be used for medical X-ray machine, can also be used for industrial X-ray machine.
The high tension cable 7mt developed and manufactured by Newheek is suitable for most industrial X opto mechanical equipment. The high tension cable 7mt used in industrial X-ray machine adopts molded rubber welding end technology, which is divided into 90KV and 75KV. It can be used for general strength of current and voltage, for non-destructive testing of X-ray machine.
high tension cable 7mt are also suitable for all types of X-ray machines in medicine. They can be divided into 75KV and 90KV types. There are also straight and elbow options.
Flexibility, low noise, excellent high tension cable 7mt, to ensure that the high tension cable 7mt with high operating safety factor, to ensure the safety of users.
high tension cable 7mt

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