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A customer inquired about our high-voltage cables

Recently, a customer inquired about our high-voltage cables. The customer needs a 75KV 3 meter long cable to be used on a fixed X-ray machine. His previous high-voltage cable is broken and needs to be replaced. I gave a brief introduction to the customer. We happened to have a stock of 3 meters of cables, so the customer decided to buy our cables.
High-voltage cables can be widely used in different X-ray machines in medicine, such as C-arm, mobile X-ray, radioscopy, DR, lithotripsy, X-ray diagnosis, etc. Different high-pressure generators, high-pressure tanks and various industrial non-destructive testing equipment and instruments can be used in industry.
Our high-voltage cables are divided into 75kv and 90kv, which are used in medicine for 125kv and 150kv x-ray machine bulbs respectively. The conductor material is tinned copper, the nominal cross section is 1.8mm², the structure is 19/0.35mm, twisted to the left, the core is insulated, and the material is F46. Elastomer high voltage insulation, gray sheath, semi-conductive elastomer inner shield, 2 layers outer shield. High-voltage insulation is better, safe and effective.

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