Egyptian customer inquires about 8m, 12m, 18m high voltage cable - Newheek X ray Cable

Egyptian customer inquires about 8m, 12m, 18m high voltage cable

Today, Egyptian customers inquired about 8 meters, 12 meters and 18 meters of high-voltage cables. The company focuses on medical engineering. Receive training abroad and have a company maintenance center and all spare parts recognized by the Ministry of Industry. The market imports and exports high-quality medical products, and manufactures, processes, repairs, and operates and maintains all medical devices for the calibration of medical devices and instruments. The company will provide comprehensive consulting engineering and treatment for medical hospitals.
The general manager found our high-voltage cables on our company website, which are used to provide high-voltage cable accessories used in X-ray machines to Egypt and surrounding countries. Customers expect us to provide prices for reference.
Introduce our company’s situation, scale and professionalism to customers, and send color pages of our high-voltage cables to introduce the details of our products.
Ask the customer about the purchase amount of each model this time? We will quote based on the purchase volume.
The customer replied that each model requires 20 sets, that is, 40 pieces, hoping to give preferential prices. The customer was quoted with a preferential price for the high-voltage cable, and the customer was very satisfied and responded that an order is about to be placed.

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