A hospital asked us about 75KV6M high-voltage cables - Newheek X ray Cable

A hospital asked us about 75KV6M high-voltage cables

A doctor from a hospital called today to inquire about the 75KV6M high-voltage cable from Newheek. One of the cables on the customer’s X-ray machine was broken, and he wanted to buy a 75KV6M high-voltage cable with the same specifications as before for replacement.
Customers sent their 75KV6M high-voltage cable plugs and asked if our cables could be replaced? I took a look at the customer’s cable. It is a national standard plug. Our cable is completely replaceable. The customer also asked if the 75KV6M high-voltage cable is in stock? Responding to customers, we exported a batch a few days ago
75KV6M high-voltage cables, so there may not be in stock, it will take about a week to order now. At present, there are 75KV8M high-voltage cables in stock. Then, the customer asked the prices of these two products separately. After replying to the customer’s price, the customer said that he consulted with their engineer and contacted after confirmation.
Our Newheek high-voltage cable is shown in the picture:

75KV6M high-voltage cables

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