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Related knowledge and precautions for high-voltage cables.

Today, I will talk about some relevant knowledge and precautions for high-voltage cables.
The high-voltage cable is a bridge between the power supply equipment and the electrical equipment, and plays the role of transmitting electric energy. High-voltage cable is a type of power cable, which refers to a power cable used to transmit between 1kv and 1000kv, and is mostly used for power transmission and distribution. The components of a high-voltage cable from the inside to the outside include: conductor, insulation, inner sheath, filler (armor), and outer insulation. Of course, armored high-voltage cables are mainly used for underground burying, which can resist high-intensity compression on the ground and prevent damage from other external forces. At the same time, high-voltage cables can also be used in other medical equipment.
High-voltage cables, also called X-ray high-voltage cables, are mainly used in medical applications, such as X-ray machines, DR, CT, etc. The high-voltage cable is used to connect the X-ray tube and the high-voltage generator. Different parameters and different wire lengths can also be customized to suit different applications.
Our Newheek high-voltage cables mainly have two configurations, 75KV and 90KV. The 75KV high-voltage cable is mainly connected to the tube voltage of 125KV, and the 90KV high-voltage cable is connected to the tube voltage of 150KV.
The connectors of high-voltage cables are mainly connected by straight elbows, and the length of the cable can be customized, and the cable accessories can also be ordered separately.

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