An Australian customer has ordered our high-voltage cables - Newheek X ray Cable

An Australian customer has ordered our high-voltage cables

An Australian customer saw on the website that our high-voltage cable could replace Claymount and contacted us for details. High-voltage cable is a kind of power cable, used to transmit power between 1kV-1000kV, and is mostly used in power transmission and distribution.
The customer originally chose to buy 75kV 3-meter straight plug high-voltage cable and paid through Taobao, but because this cable is not in stock, the customer is in a hurry to use it. After communication, the customer chose 75kV 6m high-voltage cable. It will be delivered soon.
Because the high-voltage cable is an accessory, it is simple to use and does not require debugging process, so the high-voltage cable preparation and delivery process mainly includes four parts:
First, because there is a stock, the financial department directly issued a sales order.
2. Prepare goods and do a good job in the delivery process.
Third, product quality inspection.
4. Arrange delivery.
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