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Philippine distributor ordered our high-voltage cables

The Philippine distributor saw on the website that our high-voltage cables can replace Claymount, so they came to inquire about our products. Through communication, we learned that what the customer needs is a 75KV high-voltage cable with a length of 1.6 meters and the quantity is tentative. The other party first asked the price of a separate CA1 plug (without components), saying that he was not sure whether components were needed. The customer continued to ask about the price of the CA1 straight high-voltage cable plug with components. After the quotation, the customer hesitated and could not confirm.
Since the next day was Saturday, we didn’t bother customers. After going to work, we ask the customer whether he has determined the quantity specification of the product. After a series of communication, the customer expressed that he would like to purchase 10 pieces of 75KV1.6m high-voltage cables and two pieces of CA1 straight high-voltage cable plugs (including components: ring nut, pressure ring, rubber sleeve). The customer places an order, and before placing the order, tell the customer that this product is a customized product, there is no stock, and it needs to be ordered for production, and it will be shipped within 7 working days. The other party said it was acceptable.
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