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Brazilian dealer appreciates our high voltage cables

The Brazilian dealer saw on the website that our high-voltage cables can replace Claymoun.t’s CA1 and CA11, so he took the initiative to contact us to inquire about related issues.
Through communication, we learned that the customer’s requirements are that the tube voltage is 135kv and the cable length is 2 meters. We stated that our high-voltage cables met the requirements, introduced previous cases of similar customers, and sent detailed product information and quotations. After hearing this, customers thought we were very professional. At present, the customer has sent back the contract and paid, and the goods are being prepared.
The following are the characteristics of our high-voltage cables:
1. Used in medical applications, such as X-ray machines, CT, etc.
2. Used to connect X-ray tubes and high-voltage generators.
3. Can be customized to suit different applications.
4. Two connection methods, straight plug and elbow plug, are available.
5. The length can be customized.
6. Cable accessories can be ordered separately.
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