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What issues should we pay attention to when using high-voltage cables?

Issues that should be paid attention to when using high-voltage cables:
1. During the cable installation process, the workmanship must be meticulous and kept clean and dry.
2. Avoid long-term exposure to ultraviolet rays for oxidation.
3. After working continuously for a long time, the machine temperature rises or the temperature of the computer room is high in summer. Vaseline will overflow due to heat, so you must unplug it, wipe it clean, and reapply dehydrated Vaseline or silicone grease.
4. Avoid being corroded by gasoline and transformer oil.
5. To prevent high-voltage cables from getting damp and moldy, it is best to hang the cables. If cable trenches are used, moisture-proof treatment must be done.
6. When hanging the cable, use a curved ring trough-shaped hanger. Do not hang it directly on the hook or hang it by bundling, and do not bend the cable too much.
7. For high-voltage cables that have been used for many years, during maintenance, a steel sleeve can be added to the upper end of the plug socket to reduce breakdown damage caused by bending of the cable root.
8. Always pay attention to whether the fixing rings at both ends of the cable are firmly connected to the X-ray tube and high-voltage generator to avoid unnecessary losses or accidents.
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