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Can the high-voltage cable be used to test the withstand voltage test on the cable car?

Recently, our company received an enquiry about high-voltage cables. Customers are looking for test cables for 90kv withstand voltage test. They do not need connectors. At the beginning, they thought that if there were connectors, the customers could not use them. The parameters sent to our company are as follows:

Maximum working voltage of shielded (coaxial cable) high-voltage cable: 90 or 100kv flexible DC

High insulation

EPR or silicon conductor size: 1.5-4mm2 single or 2-3 wires.

Length: 50 meters (single piece is not connected)

After comparing with the parameters of our high-voltage cable, it is found that the product fully meets the customer’s requirements. For insurance purposes, our company sends a 2m high-voltage cable sample to the customer. The customer test fully meets the requirements and the required length is changed to 120m

This case tells us that in addition to Huarui high-voltage cables, gastrointestinal machines, filming machines, high-voltage generators for medical x-ray machines, portable x-ray machines, mobile bedside machines, dental machines, C-arms, CT In addition to MRI, industrial non-destructive testing equipment and instruments, it can also be used in high-voltage testing systems, such as the high-voltage cable test vehicle in the above case.

I hope my sharing will help everyone, welcome customers to inquire and negotiate business.

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