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Recommend 75KV high voltage cable to customers for use

Recently, a customer called us to consult our high-voltage cable. The customer said that they mainly wanted to purchase the machine for configuration, but they did not know what specification of high-voltage cable should be used. I did not see that we have 90KV and 75KV high-voltage cables on the Internet After understanding the customer’s needs, ask the customer to configure the technical parameters of the voltage machine on the machine, and then consult our company’s technical staff. The technical staff replied that we used 75KV high-voltage cable for use.
Its 75KV high-voltage cable is characterized by an insulation core composed of a high-strength PVC insulation layer extruded over a stranded ultra-fine silver-plated copper conductor, and a radiant fiber fabric coating. The elasticity of the sheath of the high-voltage cable has an excellent protective effect on the internal structure.
Our 75KV high voltage cable conductor has good bending resistance and high conductor flexibility.


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