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Characteristics of high-voltage cables for medical use

Newheek is an expert in the design and manufacture of high-voltage cables and cable sockets for medical use. Our cables are suitable for all kinds of medical equipment.
High-voltage cables are an important part of X-ray machines. With the improvement of the degree of automation of medical equipment, medical equipment electronic equipment has higher and higher requirements for the quality of input and output signals. In addition, the size of medical equipment is becoming more and more precise and miniaturized, and the operating space for operating components is also increasing and complex.
As an indispensable transmission and connection medium for high-voltage cables, the requirements for high performance, high flexibility, and high elasticity are more stringent.
Newheek’s high-voltage cables are divided into two types, 75KV and 90KV, which comply with federal standards. High-voltage cables have various specifications of cable heads and length matching. 3-core or 4-core cable. Straight cable or bent cable. Removable flanges and contacts.
Newheek high-voltage cables have the characteristics of good flexibility, low noise, good high-voltage characteristics, and wide safety margins.
Our high-voltage cables can meet your different needs.


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